Using the World Clock on your Nokia 5800

One of the very useful stuff that this mobile has is the World Clock where you can set the time for different countries and save them. Lets see the how to use them with the help of the screenshots given below,

1. Select the Clock from Applications or you can tap the time displayed at the home screen.


2. Now select World clock from the list.

3. For example if you want to set the time for London, click Options and select Add location


4. You will get a list of countries where you can select the country United Kingdom, click this again to get the list of countries in United Kingdom where you will get London.


5. Select London, to get this added, which will show the time for London (you don’t have to set the time for any country manually)


6. Lets add another one, for example Johannesburg (South Africa), follow the above mentioned steps to see the country added


7. You can add any number of countries here, so when you want to see the time for any of the countries you have added, just tap the clock and select world clock which will show you the list.

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