Macros and VBA in Word 2011

Where is the exit option in Visual Basic Editor?

You don’t know how to exit Visual Basic Editor window in Word 2011 for Mac and navigate back to Microsoft Word. And you think the only option is to use Force Quit on Mac and relaunch Microsoft Word. Word 2011 for Mac provides the menu option for navigating to Microsoft Word from Visual Basic Editor window. Click View menu and select Microsoft Word from the list.

Exit Visual Basic Editor Window in Word 2011 for Mac

How to bring back VBA code in Visual Basic Editor window?

When you have saved your Macro under Normal template and want to see the code using Visual Basic Editor, you can use the View Code option available as part of the Project window. If you cannot see the code after launching Visual Basic Editor. Navigate to Project window, select the Macro for which you want to see the code then click View Code option available at the top of the Project window.


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