Want to go for a Multimedia phone?

Today?s technology brings everything in your phone. Like say for example you can browse the web site, check your emails, chat and do shopping. Office tools are available in your mobile through which you can prepare your documents, presentations etc.

Apart from all these people gets more attracted with multimedia features. Multimedia phones enables the mobile users to listen to songs, radio, watch videos, and take photos using the camera, transfer songs, videos and data to your computer or laptop, share files between mobile?s through Bluetooth.

Here are some of the catchy features that comes with most of the multimedia phones,

Java games: Most of the phones support Java games. They are available on the Internet and can be downloaded free of cost. Once you transfer the games you can play them from you mobile.

Video DJ: This is one of the features your multimedia phone has. Using this you can add the videos that you shot using your phone, add music to them and then save them as a file. This file can be played and can be sent to any Bluetooth enabled phone.

Photo DJ: This allows you to add the photos that were shot from you phone or even other images and add music and allows to be saved as a video file, which can be played.

Record Sound: Your conversations can be recorded and this gets saved as a file. This feature is very useful when you get in for a meeting or a conference call with your clients.

Applications: There are lots of java applications available on the Internet which can be downloaded free of cost. Some of the applications that I am using in my phone are

File lock ? This application helps to lock the files in my phone, which will not allow other user to see them.

Phone cam ? Using this application you can turn your phone in to a web cam once it is connected your computer or laptop.

PDF Reader ? This is application, which allows the user to read the adobe acrobat files.

Transfer Methods: Files can be transferred through either Bluetooth or IR (Infrared) Ports.

It is not that your phone needs to have IR port when Bluetooth is present. But most of the phones come with both IR port and Bluetooth.

Apart from all these some of the common features are,

· MP3 player to play your mp3 files. When the phone supports mp3 then you can set any mp3 file as a ring tone.

· Radio to play the radio channels.

· Camera that comes up to 5 MP (Mega pixels).

· Memory slot which can be extended up to 8 GB.

· Organizers, which has Alarms, Calendar, Task list, Timer and Stopwatch.

So when you plan to go for a multimedia phone you can have these information?s in your mind to select the models.

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