WaveSecure – How to track your lost mobile phone

Most of the people suffer nowadays because of the phone theft, which may happen anytime to anyone unexpectedly. Prevention is better than cure, so after worrying or thinking when the phone is lost, better think now.

Here is the solution to track your phones when you lose them; WaveSecure is a software which has to be installed on your phone (before you loseJ). When you find that your phone is lost, you will have the access to your phone to Lock, Track, take Backup and Wipe Out all the data from your phone.

Getting WaveSecure can be done on two ways,

  1. Get this software on your mobile phone by going to m.wvaesecure.com
  2. Get this on your PC by selecting your phone brand and model

Download Link: https://www.wavesecure.com/download.aspx

More Details: https://www.wavesecure.com/faq.aspx#C0004

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