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There has been a prolonged debate between Mac and PC from the 1980s and it appears like it is unlikely to come to an end any sooner. There are several important points which have been fronted by individuals on both sides of the divide. However, these comparisons often tend to wrongly confuse hardware with software. Mac happens to be a bunch of hardware constituents manufactured by Apple together with other third party manufacturers who make every component to fit specifications of the platform. This hardware is operated by a patented operating system specifically designed to work exclusively on Apple machines.

There exists a computer under the aluminium unibody as well as glass screens which work nearly in the same manner as other PCs currently on the market. Every computer comprises a motherboard, CPU, RAM, power supply and additional common components. Arguably, except for the costly shell, there is no notable difference.

The actual battle lies in the software. Comparisons have been made between OS X and Windows every now and then and the dissimilarities between them are clear, nonetheless, not as important as you would think. The two operating systems have a number of attributes in common by which you can accomplish a similar task on any of the platforms.

One of the reasons as to why you have to select Windows as your principal operating system lies in the available hardware options. It is important to note one vital attribute of OS X – its closed hardware setting. Consequently, you will be restricted in your hardware selection to only those components which have been tested and approved by Apple.

On the other hand, a Windows PC is largely modular and enables you to upgrade almost any component on a PC without any difficulties. For instance, you can choose almost any other video card on sale provided it is well-suited with the bus on your motherboard if you dislike the one you have. The same applies to other components and other things which you can either take off or put on. Although Mac OS X also allows for upgrades and adaptability, the drivers are restricted to the manufacturers and particular products which are permitted for use in Apple systems.

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