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What is Caret browsing in Internet Explorer

Caret Browsing is cool feature available in Internet Explorer from version 8 onwards.

Rather than using a mouse to select text and move around within a webpage, you can use standard navigation keys on your keyboard-Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, and the arrow keys. This feature is called Caret Browsing and is named after the caret-or cursor-that appears when you edit a document.

You can press F7 to turn On or Off Caret browsing.

Turn on Caret Browsing

If you want to enable Caret browsing for new tabs or new windows then Enable Caret Browsing for new windows and tabs check box needs to be selected in Internet Options -> Advanced Tab.

Caret Browsing Internet Option

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  • I click on the browser to find out more info and it didnt give me any. i need to know what caret browsing is. Thank you……..

  • i see. i pressed f7 and i can move around the cursor around the webpage. neat! thanks for sharing

  • Hi any body please tell me my ie 8 is not showing any temporary internet files in my systen. any body knows how to get these files.

  • I cant go from page 1 to page 2 or any other page within a website can u help . Thanks

  • Very Helpful Thanx.

  • I need to know more about Caret Browsing, I understand that instead of pointing and clicking the Mouse Keyboard Cursor, I can use the Keyboard-Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, and Arrow Keys as a Cursor as an Internet Browser for all website pages. Am i clear on how to use the Caret Browsing?


  • It doesn’t seem to do anything at all. If I press F7 it does bring up a box asking if I’d like to use Caret Browsing, but when I click “Yes” nothing happens. I can’t select text using a mouse after doing this. If I press F7 again, it asks me yet again whether I want to “turn on” caret browsing – so obviously, clicking “Yes” initially doesn’t actually turn it on.

    Has anyone else managed to use this feature successfully? And if so, since the only options I have for turning it on are “Yes” and “No”, and “Yes” doesn’t work, how do I actually turn it on?

  • It Didnt work in internet explorer 8 but when i update to internet explorer 9 it worked great

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  • idiots. Ed – just google it.

  • great christina.. u have amazing knowledge… about this…
    regular cstumr?

  • Ed wouldn’t find his ass with his two hands and a flashlight….He shouldn’t find porn…he might actually need an instruction manual !

  • Ed’s hysterical !!!!!!!!!

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