What is Control Center in iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 has introduced a new feature called Control Center which allows users to quickly change important settings on the device. This looks similar to the accessing of Settings screen on Android’s Jelly Bean device like Google Nexus 7. The settings which are available as part of Control Center are iTunes music controls, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb, Airplane mode, Screen Orientation, Clock, Camera and Adjust brightness. Let us say you want to adjust the brightness of your device then all you need to do is access the control center by swiping upwards and change the brightness level.


Lock screen and Control Center

The Control Center can be launched even from the device lock screen and enabled by default. But if you find this as insecure then you can turn off the access to control screen from the lock using device settings.

Click the Settings icon on Home screen, navigate to Control Center option on the left hand side, Now slide the ON/OFF switch with caption as “Access on Lock Screen” to disable this feature on lock screen.



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