What is suggested sites in Internet Explorer 8?

In Internet Explorer 8, there is a feature known as Suggested Sites. This is an online service that uses your browsing history to suggest similar sites. This can be turned on by clicking Tools –> selecting Suggested Sites


Click Yes for confirmation.


For example if you have browsed www.cricinfo.com and you want to see similar sites related with Cricket. Then click on the Suggested Sites Web Slice on the Favorites bar, this would display the similar sites to www.cricinfo.com. If you want to try some more suggestions, then click on Other Suggestions.


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  • bryn_ie8team March 10, 2010, 11:48 pm

    We are glad that you enjoy the suggested site feature and thank you for posting this tip on how to turn on suggested sites in Internet Explorer 8! We hope more IE8 users take advantage of this feature as it can be very handy!

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