What you can do with photos as email attachment in iPad Mail app?

iPad Mail app provides users with different options for the photos sent as an email attachment. Listed below are some of the features that you might find useful.

Share Photo Mail App

When you tap and hold on the image, a popup would appear as shown in the above screenshot.

Save images to Camera roll

Tap the Save Image option if you want to keep this image as part of Camera roll

Share images on Social network

Mail users have the option to share the image on their Twitter, Facebook or Flickr account. They can send this as an attachment to another Mail recipient or in their Message app.

Assign to Contact

The Popup screen also has option to assign the image to any contact. Tap Assign to Contact option and select the Contact from the list.

Set image for Contact iPad Mail App

Move and Scale Photo for Contact


Quick Look

If you want to take a quick preview of the image then tap the Quick Look option.

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