Why is iPad better Than Most Other Tablets?

In the recent past, the demand for more compact and portable devices has greatly increased. There has been a huge increase in tablet consignment since more people are opting to purchase a device, which is more compact and easily moved other than laptops or old-styled PCs. Even though the tablet market has been overwhelmed by demand, the Apple’s iPad is the most popular. There are a number of users who laud this Apple’s product but others criticize its price. Though the iPad has enjoyed popularity and often been censured, it will continue to dominate the tab market for a long time because of the features it has.

Technology gurus and researchers have been in agreement that Apple’s tablet price and supply is a lot better than that of Android. Users do not seem to mind paying dearly for them because of the astonishing attributes and the quality the gadgets come in. Furthermore, Apple’s tablets are generally perceived as of superior quality than Android, a concept which will be too hard to change.

Apple is always endeavouring to improve the tablet technology and it is rumoured that iPad Mini 2 is set to have 2048 X 1536 screen resolution. This surpasses the current iPad Mini as well as the 4th generation iPad, which is at the moment, the most popular among many people. The new iPad Mini is expected to have other features: a 7.9 inch screen size, a dual core A7 processor, HD camera, HD video recording and power packed 10 hour battery life. Apple is said to be looking for ways to reduce its width by using IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) technology on its screen.

It is unlikely that users will shift their loyalty to other brands as Apple adds these newest features to the tablet. Since iPad is a new and reliable brand, users simply love it and if it is the most preferred tablet, business people and merchants will naturally be drawn into promoting their products on it. Forbes alleges that last year iPad was a key e-commerce channel generating record-breaking online sales worth $1.042 billion.

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