Windows 8 – How To Navigate?

Windows 8 might be a little confusing for newbie. There are so many features that are beneficial. Because of the fact that there are so many features many users shy away from them as they think them to be complicated. Here are a few tips can help you master the Windows 8 user interface.

Shortcuts:  the good news is that most of the shortcuts of Windows 7 are also available in Windows 8 too. To run any program, press Windows key + R. Press Windows key + E to open explorer and Windows key + F to search.

Search in Windows 8: anything can be searched in Windows 8 using Windows key plus F. In the search box type whatever you want to search for in the search box that is displayed on the start screen. Here are a few search shortcuts:

  • To search apps: Windows key + Q
  • To search settings: Windows key + W
  • To search files: Windows key + F


Switch between desktop and start screen: if you want to switch from the start screen to desktop, you can easily do it by pressing the Windows key. You can also switch back the same way.

Quick access to tools: move the pointer to the bottom left corner of either the start screen or the desktop and right click. This can also be done by pressing the Windows key and X.

Customize your desktop: press Windows key + I to open the settings bar on the right of the screen. This can be used customize your desktop environment. Click on PC settings and a new PC settings screen will appear. Here you can personalize your PC settings, configure notifications, create new users or modify search settings.


Lock computer: whenever you need to step away from your system, click on user name or account picture at the top right corner of the screen and then lock your screen.

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