Windows XP restarts with the message “overheating “

Windows XP system would get restarted saying a message “Windows has restarted due to overheating”. This could be because of your fan in the SMPS might not be working properly, there could be lot of dust formed in your fan blades.

When you blow air inside the CPU and the SMPS fans, there is a possibility of this issue getting solved. When you still face this issue the other solution is to apply “Heat Zinc” paste. You can get this paste in any of the computer accessories shop.

Steps on how to apply the Heat Zinc paste,

1. Switch off your computer and remove the power sockets

2. Remove the doors of the CPU cabinet

3. Gently remove the processor fan and remove the processor

4. Wipe the processor gently with a clean cloth

5. Apply the Heat Zinc paste on the bottom

6. Fix the processor and lock it

7. Close the cabinet and switch on the power to start your computer

These steps would help you recover from the problem of windows getting restarted due to overheating.

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