WordPress Hack – footer generates spam links

In my WordPress blog there were some spam links generated by the below PHP code

<?php do_action(‘wp_footer’); ?>

These links are hidden links only by doing a view source of the page you can find this out.

spam links

but what is more strange is that I found a piece of java script doing some thing with Google adsense.

Adsense Scripts

still haven’t figure the impact of the adsense script.

This looks like a WordPress hack.

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Ravi Shankar

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  • Txapulín December 6, 2007, 11:44 am

    Hi, I am having exactly the same problem. I guess one of the plugins is doing that, but I haven’t figured it out yet..

    The main problem is that I think google is punishing me for that and very few people is getting to my blog through searches since some days ago.

    I will tell you if I find out.

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