Working with Samsung Wave II’s Bluetooth

The Samsung Wave II is powered by the Bada OS, a completely new OS in the industry but still very easy and flexible to use, especially when it comes to connectivity. The Bluetooth of Samsung Wave II can be enabled and disabled, or paired with another Bluetooth device, from the separate Connectivity UI located under System settings for the device. Here are the steps on how to enable, disable or pair with a different Bluetooth device.

Pairing and connecting to other device.

  1. Click on the main button (diamond shaped button) to open the main menu. There can be instances where you have shifted the Settings menu icon to a different page, in that case, just sweep the screen to the respective screen and look for Settings menu icon.
  2. Right below the Flight Mode option, you will find the Connectivity option. Select it.
  3. Select Bluetooth, and tap on the small button on the right of “Bluetooth” word. Or simply click on search, it will ask you for activating Bluetooth. Accept the request.
    clip_image006 clip_image008
  4. Wait for some moment while it activates the Bluetooth. Now if the device you are trying to pair with is Bluetooth-enabled too, then you will find the device in the list, along with all other Bluetooth-enabled devices in range.
  5. Click on the appropriate device to pair with it. Your Bluetooth pairing will be successful once the pass keys are matched (if required by the other device)

There is another way to turn on the Bluetooth in Samsung Wave II, but this will not allow you to pair to other devices. However, others can pair with your device. You can only accept the request, not send it. This is similar to Android approach.

  1. Click on the top menu tab (with double hyphen symbol in centre of the screen).
  2. Select Bluetooth option. Wait for it to turn green, which means the Bluetooth is now enabled.
  3. Now others can pair to your device.

To disable/disconnect Bluetooth connection, simply select the Bluetooth option from the top menu and wait till it turns back to grey again (means deactivated).


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