Working with the gestures on Samsung Wave II

Just like its predecessor, the Samsung Wave II also has the functions of gestures that can be understood by the device. You can set the settings on individual gestures by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Main Menu->Settings->General.
    clip_image002 clip_image004
  2. Now go to Gestures option.
  3. You will see 4 different types of Gestures available- Double Tapping, Orientation, Overturning and Putting Down.
    Double Tapping allows you to launch a corresponding application from home screen. They work as short-cuts. You can change your preferences by clicking on Double Tapping option, select the preference and hit Save.
    Orientation allows you to scroll across items either by following the device’s direction or tilt direction. To enable this feature, first click on Orientation button, then it will bring you to another window. Now click on either of the functions to select which one you prefer to use.
  4. clip_image012
  5. Overturning will allow you to put a call/vibration alert on mute. It helps in meetings and conferences.
    Putting Down is a function which allows you to put a call on speakers so that others may listen, by moving the phone downwards.
  6. To enable any of these, simply click on the desired setting and the preferences will be saved instantly.

To learn more about these functions, you can click on Help anytime from the main Gestures Menu.

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