World Clock application – Easy Clock for Google Chrome

This application helps you show the current local time in cities and countries that you add. It also takes daylight saving time automatically. You can also use this application offline. Let’s see how to install and use,

Get on to your Chrome web store, search for ‘Easy Clock’. When the result is shown for this application click the icon to proceed with the installation.

Here is the installation screen for this app, click the install button and it will do the installation.


When it has completed the installation, you can see the Easy Clock app in your Apps tab.


Now let’s see how this app looks and how can this be used,

When you open the application this is default view, which has three different times shown.


You can add any number of countries to show the time, for e.g. here I have added another country – Dallas, TX, United States. This is now added to the list.


When you want to compare the times, say for e.g. if in UK it is 6:00 PM what will be the time in the countries you have added to the list, just drag the slider at the top which will calculate the time accordingly.


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