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Listed below is the keyboard shortcut in Yahoo Mail interface. To get the list of Keyboard shortcut for Yahoo Mail, Login Yahoo Mail account and press ? on the keyboard.

General Commands

M Check mail and jumps to Inbox
Shift+M Check all mail (includes POP accounts)
N Start a new email message
I Start a new Instant Message (IM)
T Start a new SMS message (text)
Ctrl+[ Move to the previous tab
Ctrl+] Move to the next tab
ESC Close the current tab
S Search
? Display keyboard shortcuts



R Reply to a message
A Reply all to a message
F Forward a message
K Mark as read
Shift+K Mark as unread
L Flag a message
Shift+L Clear flag
P Print message
Delete Delete message
Shift+A Add sender to contacts
D Open Move menu
Ctrl+Shift+E Create a new folder


View next message up
Ctrl+. View next message down
Shift+R View or hide the reply bar


IM Conversations

Shift+I Reply via IM
Shift+T Reply via SMS


Message Lists

Up/Down Highlight the next message up or down
Enter Open a message
Ctrl+A Select all messages
V Turn Preview Pane on or off (when viewing messages in a scrolling list)


Message Lists (Page by Page)

Spacebar Check or uncheck a message’s checkbox
Ctrl+Up/Down Move focus up or down the list (preserving selection)
Ctrl+Up Move focus to column header (from first row)
Left/Right Move focus to next column header left or right (when focus is in a column header)
Spacebar Sort by column (while in focus)


Navigation (Page by Page)

Tab Move focus to next region of the screen
Shift+Tab Move focus to previous region of the screen
Left/Right Move focus to next or previous toolbar button
Up/Down Move focus to next or previous item in list
Enter Select item in focus
E Empty Trash or Spam folder (while in focus)
Enter Expand or collapse folder list (while in focus) Tags: ,
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